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Full Time Clinician

Restore Counseling
Posted: 10/16/2023
Salary/Range: varies
Arvada, CO

Restore Counseling, LLC is a privately owned clinical group practice focused on supporting those who are impacted by trauma, depression or anxiety.   This practice is growing to include clinicians who can specialize in children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, focusing on increasing wellness, health, and improved coping strategies to manage life’s challenges.  

Our practice is driven by the values of clinical excellence, integrity, healthy boundaries,
social justice, compassion, non-violence and empowerment.

The Clinician is a valued, important role at Restore Counseling, LLC.  

Locations:  Arvada, CO, and virtual (must have some sessions in person in Arvada)

Wage and Benefits:

  • W2 position
  • Wages dependent on experiences and license level
  • Full time positions include benefits (to change as the company continues to grow, but may include medical insurance, short term and long term disability, continuing education credits, 401K options, paid time off, income tax, liability insurance and an ability to work with a create, healing group of caring individuals for the greater good of healing in our communities).
  • Skilled, clinical supervision for those trying to gain full licensure in CO
  • Paid hours for administrative time (including meetings, professional development, supervision, notes)


  • Building caseload to full time
  • Full time is 25 hours a week of clinical hours
  • Include group consultation, individual consultation, case consultation

Reports to:

  • Christine Belmear, Owner and Clinical Director

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide high quality clinical counseling
  • Be able to complete safety planning, suicide screening, risk screening, and contacting agencies as needed (police, social services)
  • Identify treatment issue (diagnoses) and create a treatment plan within the first session
  • Participate in group consultation and meetings
  • Seek supervision and case consultation consistently
  • Document clinical notes accurately, appropriately and within 24 hours of session
  • Work diligently with the Clinical Director around needs of the company
  • Return calls and emails within 24 hours unless over a holiday, time off, or weekend
  • Participate in continued education and training regarding counseling and various treatment modalities.
  • Communicate with Clinical Director about time off, sick time
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information, including the business information, log in information, client information, therapist contact information
  • Stay highly organized
  • Be responsive to Clinical Director and therapists via text, email, or calls
  • Open and receptive to feedback, also able to provide ideas and feedback about clinical practice, interventions, and case development
  • Keep confidentiality of all client information, including having a safe working space away from others in the area so client information is kept confidential

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Align with the mission, values and vision of Restore Counseling, LLC.
  • Experience with mental health counseling.
  • Organized, capable of learning and growing, willingness to work hard
  • Knowledge of treatment interventions, such as CBT, DBT, MI, SFBT, trauma informed practices, EMDR
  • Must be punctual.  We are an on time clinic.
  • Highly responsive to requests and responds via email, phone, text
  • Strong ability to understand clinical case development, including how to complete an intake session, create a diagnosis and treatment plan, and understanding of how to treat various mental health conditions associated with the case
  • Works as a team player, collaborative
  • Demonstrates strong written, oral and interpersonal skills
  • Takes in feedback around clinical practice and consistently seeks to improve self as a clinician
  • Demonstrates strong integrity in all aspects of employment with Restore Counseling, LLC

This job will not be the right fit for you if:

  • Someone who is not in agreement and willing to practice under the mission, vision, and character of Restore Counseling, LLC
  • Someone looking for a job just to clock in and out, not dedicated to growing in the company
  • Someone not willing to work as a team and have a collaborative spirit
  • Someone who is not interested or willing to grow and develop

Physical and Emotional Demands of the job:

  • Must be able to type and use a computer appropriately for the job
  • Ability to work on a computer for varying lengths of time
  • Ability to sit, stand, talk and hear for varying lengths of time
  • Close vision required for computer tasks
  • Must be able to use fingers and hands for computer and phone tasks
  • Ability to work in an office with various environmental sounds (printers, people talking) or work from home and has created a confidential, quiet working space to complete work tasks
  • Emotional maturity, judgement,  and honesty
  • Calmness and ability to withstand the stress of dealing with clients in emotional distress or crisis situations.
To Apply: 720-580-0395,