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Director of Youth Ministries

Centennial Covenant Church
Posted: 05/03/2024
Salary/Range: Combined salary and housing allowance based on experience and qualifications.
Littleton, CO

Purpose: Centennial Covenant Church is seeking a Director of Youth Ministries. This is an opportunity to join a church and staff community dedicated to whole-life formation through the work of discernment and an embrace of formative practice. In an entertainment-addicted, consumer-minded, and competition-saturated culture, we are pursuing a more sane and balanced approach in our student community. Rooted in scripture and steeped in prayer, the Youth Director will find both the freedom to lead and a supportive environment in which to learn and grow. With a clear discipleship strategy already guiding the ministries of our church, we are looking for someone to apply that strategy to our growing community of Middle and High School Students.  


Key Responsibilities 

  • The Youth Director will work with the Next Gen Ministry team to plan and execute all programming for middle school and high school students at Centennial Covenant Church.  
  • Discern overall vision and guide ministries to students and their parents, in alignment with the Mission and Priority Callings of Centennial Covenant, keeping continuity with the past and current vision for Student Ministries. 
  • Develop programs that carry out this vision, including gatherings, groups, events, retreats, mission trips, etc., and communicating clearly with students, parents, and church staff. 
  • In partnership with the alongside pastor, recruit, guide, and equip volunteer teams for Middle School and Senior High Ministries, especially for direct care and discipling of students. 
  • Oversee and equip student Ministry Teams, such as tech, planning, worship, etc.  
  • Develop direct relationships with individual students and be available for pastoral care. 
  • Integrate student ministries and student participation into the life of the church, including Sunday Worship Gatherings, all-church events, and other ministries. 
  • Work with appropriate ministry teams in creating and overseeing a student ministry budget. 
  • Network with Evangelical Covenant Front Range Youth Pastor Coalition and participate in camps and conferences when possible. 
  • Prioritize the continuation of this ministry’s devotion to cultivating lifelong faith in the lives of students and develop programs that emphasize long term, relational faith development. 


Leadership Connections 

  • Responsible to Lead Pastor 
  • Works closely with the Next Gen Ministry Team 



  • Evidence of a vibrant growing relationship with Christ. 
  • Commit to ECC Covenant Affirmations, CCC’s Mission and Priority Callings, and Shared Ministry Covenants. 
  • Serve in harmony with the church’s denominational heritage and shared ministries. 
  • Evidence gifts, training, and experience related to working with high school students.  


Time Commitment: 32 hours per week. Weekly hours will vary significantly when considering time for winter retreats, summer trips, service and mission trips, and other programs, as necessary. This is a ¾ time position. 



  • Combined salary and housing allowance based on experience and qualifications. 
  • Health insurance with denominational health plan or, if declined, increase to salary/housing. 
  • 4 days study leave per year for the first year: 8 days after one year 
  • PTO and Vacation per the CCC human resources handbook. 
  • Ministry Expense Account to cover ministry related travel and expenses. 

Shared Ministry Covenant: Foundational Expectation for Staff and Volunteer Members 


Name:  ________________- Ministry Title: Director of Youth Ministries 


  1.  Jesus Christ is my Lord through faith placed in him for forgiveness and new life, and the Bible is God’s authoritative Word for living and ministry. 


  1. I affirm the church’s Covenant Affirmations, Mission, and Priority Callings: 


Covenant Affirmations:  We affirm the Centrality of God’s Word, the Necessity of the New Birth, the Whole Mission of the Church, the Church as a Fellowship of Believers, a Conscious Dependence on the Holy Spirit, and the Reality of Freedom in Christ. 


Mission:  We exist to glorify God by following Jesus on a shared journey of transformation in his mission to our broken world.  


Priority Callings:  We are called to a vision of four-dimensional discipleship: 

  • UP –   Experience God’s loving presence 
  • WITH – Find and cultivate authentic, mutually sustaining faith-forming relationship 
  • IN –    Know true identity in Christ 
  • OUT –    Understand how identity connects and drives every day, everywhere missional vocation 


  1. I commit to our Shared Ministry Covenant: 
  1. Follow Christ 
  • Honor Jesus as Head over every aspect of our lives 
  • Cultivate intimacy with Him 
  • Have a posture of worship and prayer 
  1. Develop character 
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us to bear fruit 
  • Be people of integrity 
  1. Connect with others on our teams      
  • Value process as well as results 
  • Communicate ministry responsibilities clearly 
  • Speak and hear truth in love, welcome healthy debate 
  • Seek reconciliation  
  • Have fun together 
  1. Honor others on our teams  
  • Think the best of others 
  • Guard others’ reputations 
  • Refuse to gossip 
  • Face differences with humility  
  • Practice appropriate confidentiality 
  1. Contribute with excellence    
  • Do our best 
  • Develop our gifts and skills 

      I accept our Foundational Expectations of all Staff and Volunteer Members 


Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ________   

To Apply: To apply, email cover letter and resume to