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Teaching and Missions Pastor

New Story Church
Posted: 09/29/2023
Salary/Range: TBD
Phoenixville, PA 19460
Job Description:

If someone other than your mother told you that you are gifted at preaching, this might be the position for you.

If developing partnerships to lead hundreds of people to get in on the mission of God makes your heart start to pump, then you should keep reading… or jump to to find out more.


This is an associate pastor position, which (in a church of our size, about 500) means you would wear a few hats. Here are the major areas you’d be contributing to:

Head (Recruiter, Trainer, Galvanizer, Organizer, Equipper) of Missions

Your job would be to help us create a culture where life transformation and the mission of God are seen as one thing. We are convinced that the best way to see God transform our people is the same way that God plans on transforming the world. Mission and transformation are not two things, they are one thing. Your job would be to help us keep it one thing. While some teaching and training would be essential, we imagine this would mostly be a work of getting our people on mission with God at home, in our community, in our region, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Practically, this would look like:

  • Working directly with our Pastor of Spiritual Formation to ensure that missions is part of our Spiritual Formation Pathway
  • Developing local and global partnerships
  • Discovering, recruiting, & training high-capacity leaders to champion our partnerships
  • Gathering and training people (by the dozens) to send them out on mission
  • Planning trips and leading teams into the city and around the world
  • Teaching our people to live out their vocation as part of God’s mission
  • Coaching our people in how to share the Gospel in a post-Christian world

Preacher, Teacher, & Pastor

Depending on your experience and skill level, we’d like to see you help fill the pulpit and carry some of the teaching load for our adult classes. You would also be involved in “pastoral” duties, which might include things like: pastoral counseling, planning Sunday morning services, spiritual direction, weddings, funerals, visitation, and the like.

New Story Team Member

We are not a huge church. Our staff team works together closely on many projects, especially anything involving the whole congregation. Depending on your gifting and experience, you might be pulled in to support children, youth, 20-somethings, men’s ministry, group ministry, or care ministry.

Bonus Features. You don’t have to do any of these, but we would consider any/all of these an added bonus: training in spiritual formation; experience in a post-Christian context; proven ability to do leadership development; the ability to run a 6 minute mile while wearing a weighted vest. (Just kidding about the last one.)


The type of person we are looking for:

  • Loves challenging people to go on mission, whether it’s a trip overseas or talking to their next-door neighbor. That sounds fun to you.
  • Wants to preach and teach, is reasonably good at it, is willing to grow in this area, AND is okay with only preaching & teaching when it best serves the church.
  • Is nuanced, a both/and kind of person who can navigate congregation that’s got a lot of different experiences and backgrounds represented
  • Has a passion for connecting people into the life of the church (big “C” & little “c” church)
  • Rather try something and fail than sit around writing yet another plan
  • Probably owns some marked up copies of books by Christopher Wright, Alan Hirsch, Lesslie Newbigin, or Mark Sayers.
  • Has a working knowledge of spiritual formation and is attracted to the works of Dallas Willard, John Mark Comer, Eugene Peterson, Pete Scazzero, and/or Richard Foster.
  • Is sensitive to others, but does not shy away from having hard conversations


Specifically, we are looking for the “3 Cs.”

Competency. We are assuming you have some knowledge, experience, & passion in the context of spiritual formation. The following, in particular, would be essential:

  • You have to have at least 3 years ministry experience. No exceptions.
  • You have to be a proven organizer and gatherer. Pursuing people, recruiting leaders, gathering people to go on mission, this is the bread & butter of this ministry. If you’ve never successfully lead a missions trip or project, this probably isn’t a fit.
  • You have to be Biblically & theologically educated. You don’t have to be an academic, but you can’t not know your stuff & preach at New Story.
  • You have to have general knowledge & experience in the area of missions & spiritual formation.
  • You need to have multiple references tell us about your amazing skills and ability to navigate hard conversations.

Character. Our church is for broken, hurting people. In order to lead people to a place of health & wholeness in Christ, you need to be exceptionally healthy & whole. You must be mature & maturing in your faith, grounded in daily disciplines (prayer, Bible reading, etc.), committed to the mission of God, an example in sharing your life with others (fellowship), and discerning in matters of faith & life.

Culture. You have to “fit” with our team & show an appreciation for the culture of New Story. When you hear our values, something in you should say: “Yes!” Please check out our websiteour YouTube pagethis Vision Sermon & ask yourself: Do I believe in what New Story is doing? Could I give my time & energy & creativity to what they are doing? Do I want to go where they are going?  If the answer to any of these is “No,” then it’s not a fit.

If you still want to apply, then we really want you to apply!

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