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Pre-school Teacher

Southeast Christian School
Posted: 06/05/2024
Salary/Range: DOE
Parker, CO

Prayerfully help students learn attitudes, skills, and subject matter that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible Christians to the praise and glory of God.


  • Hold a minimum of an AA degree from an accredited postsecondary institution or be willing to participate in a program to complete such a degree within a specified time period.
  • Meet state requirements for an early education teacher position.
  • Have completed the ACSI Principles and Practices of Christian Early Education course requirements within the first year of employment.
  • Maintain current infant/child CPR and First Aid certification.
  • Medication and Standard Precautions
    • All trainings required by the Colorado Department of Human Services, ACSI, and Douglas County Health Department

Essential Job Functions:
Spiritual Leadership

  • Use your position to support the mission of providing a Christ-centered education, preparing God’s children and young adults for works of service, for the glory of God alone.
  • Model Christian leadership, living out Southeast’s Statement of Faith and Biblical Code of Conduct
  • Ensure that the classroom/work environment is Christian-based, nurturing, wholesome, and loving.
  • Biblical integration at all levels of learning, discipline and professional work. 

Job Duties

  • Teach assigned classes following the prescribed scope and sequence as scheduled by the Preschool Director
  • Integrate biblical principles and the Christian worldview throughout the early education curriculum and activities.
  • Know the program’s curriculum, standards, and mission, and meet the expectations of them.
  • Seek to address the cognitive, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs of the individual child in a group environment.
  • Assist children in their development of communication skills, and serve as an appropriate language model.
  • Use classroom management techniques that build children’s ability to make choices and be self-directed.
  • Have knowledge of the physical and emotional development of preschool children, and understand the unique developmental stages common among the ages served.
  • Develop lesson plans that reflect the program’s curriculum and Christian values and standards.
  • Promote children’s exploration of situations and materials by asking open-ended questions and by providing appropriate materials and guidance.
  • Employ a variety of instructional aids, methods, and materials that will provide for creative teaching to reach the whole child—spiritual, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional.
  • Plan through approved channels the use of field trips, guest speakers, and other media for a balanced classroom.
  • Respond in a timely manner to parent communication.
  • Participate in formal and informal parent-teacher conferences.
  • Participate in continuous professional development through professional reading, college course work, in-services, workshops, and conferences.
  • Provide a good learning environment by keeping proper discipline in the classroom and other areas of the campus. 
  • Prepare for substitute teachers in the event of absence, and assist them with written instructions to successfully carry out their responsibilities.
  • Participate in beginning-of-year staff orientation, staff devotionals, staff meetings, and parent/teacher fellowship meetings.
  • Respect professional ethics that require confidentiality concerning the sharing of information about children, parents, or staff.
  • Maintain regular and accurate attendance and observation records to meet the demands for a comprehensive knowledge of each student’s progress.
  • Keep parents and the director adequately informed of student progress and of any concerns that might lead to screening or a referral.
  • Know the procedures for dealing with emergency situations in the classroom and program. Conduct required emergency safety drills in coordination with program leadership.

Additional Duties or Responsibilities

  • Perform any other duties that may be assigned
To Apply: Alissa Goble