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Director of Modern Worship & Media Communications

Dalton First United Methodist Church
Posted: 07/09/2024
Salary/Range: $55,000 - $70,000/ year
Dalton, Georgia

Dalton First United Methodist Church is seeking an individual who nurtures a rich spiritual life to help launch and lead a Modern Worship service with excellence. The Director provides vision and coordination of ministry with other staff to create dynamic worship environments that reach unchurched and irreligious people with the gospel. The Director will also oversee all website, social media, graphic design, video story-telling and broadcast productions of the church. This role will support all other ministry program staff.


Essential Oversight:

Modern Worship

• Recruit, train, coordinate and shepherd teams of instrumentalists and vocalists for Modern Worship.

• Be a key leader of worship and model the culture of worship expected of all leaders.

• Recruit, train and lead teams that oversee audio, visual and lighting technology.



• Lead teams that aid in the oversight, development, and management of a website that effectively communicates all aspects of the vision of the church.

• Ensure the website has engaging content including event announcements, blog posts, and other multimedia resources.

• Collaborate with other staff and various ministry teams on their portion of the site and assist them in building engagement points that help people connect and serve.


Social Media

• Lead teams to assist in the creation, strategy, and execution of Dalton FUMC digital communication channels. Content should be engaging and visually appealing, resonating with the church’s target audience.

• Creatively build followings on various social media outlets.

• Manage calendar and lead the strategy for social media advertising campaigns. Monitor social media trends and engagement metrics to continually refine the strategy.

• Transform sermons, quotes, and ministry moments into sharable digital content.

• Create positive relationships with local media and establish routine communications that promote the ministry of the church.


Graphic Design

• Network with servant-volunteer artists to oversee all print and digital materials related to church-wide promotions, ensuring they are executed with excellence.

• Ensure a consistent and cohesive visual identity for the church across all communication channels.

• Design visually compelling graphics for print and digital media, including event posters, banners, social media posts, and promotional materials.


Video Creation

• Develop systems to capture stories.

• Build teams that plan, script, shoot, and edit videos that showcase the church’s mission, ministries, testimonies, and special events.

• Collaborate with staff and ministries of the church to produce high-quality video content for online worship services, promotional videos, educate and engage.


Worship Production

• Coordinate the technical aspects of worship services, including sound, lighting, and multimedia presentations. Work closely with the worship team to ensure a seamless and engaging worship experience, both in-person and online.

• Continually improve the quality and content of live-streamed worship and our televised broadcast.

• Steward the community relationships that advance our televised presence.

• Review and maintain background checks for all adult volunteers.


To Apply:

This full-time ministry position will be compensated at $55-$70k annually, based upon experience and competency. Benefits and support for continuing education are provided. To make application, send your cover letter and resume to the



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