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Counseling - Licensure required


Wellness Place, LLC
Posted: 09/15/2023
Salary/Range: Base $36,000 per year plus percentage of earnings beyond base
Kuttawa, KY

Job description

Wellness Place, LLC


National Health Service Corps Approved Site

Our Mission

Transforming minds, achieving Wellness, Growth is in your hands.”

We provide services through excellence, humble service, loving/caring, transcendent approach, ownership, and growth to encourage transformation of minds and wellness in our patients’ and clients’ lives (Romans 12).

Job Summary

The Clinician role includes the following licensure types: LPCC, LPCA, LMFT, LCSW, CSW, LCP, and LPA and is an exciting opportunity to offer excellent clinical services to the clients of Wellness Place (WP). This role will provide professional counseling and psychological services in an outpatient setting for support, care, services, and treatment for individuals and families with mental health issues, developmental challenges and/or disabilities, DSM-V diagnoses, stress, life change expectations and adjustments, life coaching needs, and substance abuse diagnosis.

Educational Requirements

All Clinicians with WP must have a minimum Master’s level education and corresponding state licensure.

Administrative Tasks

Clinicians will be responsible for providing excellent client care. This excellence in care includes, but is not limited to the following responsibilities: staying on time for sessions, working for the best interest of all clients, providing consistent documentation of services (preferably within 24 hours of a session, but no later than 48 hours of session), displaying the ability to retain clients, a working knowledge of scheduling clients and collecting payments for services, working well with administrative team, successfully managing caseload and schedules, sending and receiving reminder notifications in the scheduling system, responding and sending email correspondence in a timely manner (within 48 hours), answering client phone calls and dealing effectively with client complaints, responding to client voicemails (within 48 hours), problem solving and resolving logistic issues such as office space scheduling conflicts.

Client Care and Treatment

Clinicians will be responsible for the care of each client. Client care includes conducting the initial diagnostic interview, establishing rapport with each client, assessing client needs, ascertaining clinical symptoms, developing accurate and appropriate diagnoses, developing effective treatment plans and goals, conducting therapy sessions, effectively terminating clients, and recruiting further care through assessments and/or referrals as deemed appropriate and necessary. WP clinicians will be a model of excellence in clinical practice when maintaining accurate client files and documentation within 48 hours of the session for each client served. All clinical staff members will be held accountable to this standard.

The individual in this role will be expected to develop strong therapeutic relationships in order to retain clients and effectively carry out treatment plans. Outpatient therapy also includes managing a clinical practice with multiple diagnoses, including but not limited to: Mood D/Os, Anxiety D/Os, Adjustment D/Os, Psychotic Disorders, Dissociative D/Os, PTSD, Autism/ADHD Spectrum, LD, marriage issues, family issues, etc. and treating all ages (3 year old to geriatric).

Clinicians will be expected to provide individual, marriage, family, and group counseling in an outpatient setting based on their competency in these areas. Psychologists are expected to offer psychological testing services including the testing diagnostic interview (TDI), administration of tests and supervision of residents/interns who administer psychological tests ordered by psychologists, and follow up or feedback sessions in an outpatient setting. Clinicians are also expected to implement behavioral skills therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and other treatment methodologies as necessary.

Team Membership

Wellness Place operates as a team and the Clinicians are key members of that team. The Clinician role will support and encourage teamwork among clinical and administrative staff and in conjunction with the core values of the company. Opportunities for personal growth and professional development come as being an active member of the WP team.

Clinicians are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly case reviews/treatment team meetings and monthly staff meetings to have the opportunity to gather input from veteran licensed professionals on difficult cases, and to provide encouragement, insights, and resources to other counselors. Other responsibilities of team membership include building relationships with office staff, fellow counselors, becoming knowledgeable in office resources (such as group service offerings, neurofeedback, psychometrics, and psychiatric services), keeping up with policy and legal changes, and serving (as needed) for the after-hours on-call service.

Interagency Cooperation

Wellness Place cooperates with other agencies to provide therapeutic services in the community. It is the responsibility of Clinicians to maintain current partnerships and referral sources and to develop additional partnerships and referral sources. Participation of community and networking events is strongly encouraged, especially for new clinicians building a caseload.

To qualify for the position of Clinician, there must be no dual relationships or split interests with other agencies that leads to conflicts of interests with WP. In example, clinicians may not work for other similar outpatient, private practice counseling agencies during their tenure with WP.

Organizational Relationship

Clinicians will work on a clinical team under the support and supervision of the Director of Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Executive Team. Clinicians will report to the Director of Therapeutic Rehabilitation, Clinical Director, and Executive team, as appropriate, as their direct supervisor. All clinical staff members are expected to comply with the WP policies and procedures and will be held accountable to those standards by the Wellness Place leadership team to ensure best-in-class client care is delivered.

This position will serve under the leadership team to meet strategic objectives and to deliver the company’s mission of Transforming minds, achieving Wellness, Growth is in your hands. All clinical staff members will promote solid communication and teamwork with the administrative staff. This role will represent WP as an ambassador to promote a strong reputation and brand recognition in the communities served and to promote agency-wide networking efforts.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s)

A well-rounded clinical knowledge is expected, including ways to ethically and professionally integrate faith and clinical practice. A working knowledge of WP policies, procedures, and standard operating procedures is required along with business acumen – grasping organizational structure and culture, firm support of company vision, mission, and ongoing strategic goals.

Skills required include, but are not limited to: relational and interpersonal skills – people management, positive customer relations, and communication skills. Task-oriented skills such as completion and management of tasks, organization and precise attention to detail are needed. Abilities include, but are not limited to: team building, developing and maintaining community partnerships (PR), working with multiple job variables and remain0ing flexible to change, supporting change and working well in the transition process, and supporting implementation of strategic objectives.

Scheduled Reviews & Training

An annual Check-In Meeting will be performed to evaluate work performance, give constructive feedback, and receive employee feedback. If the job performance of the employee fails to meet Wellness Place standards, this could result in disciplinary action up to termination.

Training will be offered at monthly team meetings, bi-weekly case reviews and during company changes as needed.

Travel may be required.

Job Type: Full-time

To Apply: Dr Dan Jones