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Childcare – Respite

Posted: 11/20/2023
Salary/Range: 20-40/hr
Littleton (Bowles and Pierce)

I’m solo parenting 4 kids (ages 11 to 4), 2 with special needs, while working from home and trying to maintain my sanity! 4 month position with option to to extend if desired.

In Littleton near Columbine High School.

I do NOT typically need help Sundays or Mon-Fri 8:30-11:30am. I DO need help Wednesdays 11:45-3:30. Other hours can be negotiated based on desired schedule within the hours of 6:30am to 8pm. Agreed upon schedule will determine number of kids in your care at any given time but will typically not be all 4 kids at once.

15-30 hours per week (depending on desire and schedule)
-combo of childcare, picking up after kids, and driving.
-competitive pay based on experience and willingness to work with other funding sources we have access to (Medicaid waiver payments and county funding)
-off Dec 20 – Jan 2

Ideal person
-Willing to learn, compassionate, playful, organized, can set boundaries kindly but firmly, self motivated, willing to pray with my kids at meals and bedtime, good driving record.

11yr old – funny, loves to play the drums, heart of a musician, cerebral palsy, deafblind, epilepsy, wheelchair user, non-verbal,

9yr old – sensitive, compassionate, thoughtful, artist, loves reading, amazing sister to her siblings

7yr old – silly, smart, enjoys life and doesn’t let much bother her, rule follower, talkative

4yr old – adventurous, brave, happy, gives the best hugs, persistent, mild cerebral palsy, mild visual impairment

To Apply: Megan Bowser - call/text at 303-931-7803